Headwear Product Design

本平台可帮助设计师进行头戴产品设计分析,提供多百分位国标3D头型在佩戴产品时的三维可视化效果、多剖面分析 查看佩戴产品时的适配性、多种显示模式查看分析结果,还提供头部穴位3D分布、头部特征尺寸查询等功能。

This platform can help designers to design and analysis headwear product. It provides 3D visualization effect if multiple percentile China Standard 3D head model wearing products and multiple profile analysis to check the fit. A variety of display mode can be selected to see the analysis results as wearing this product. Head acupuncture points 3d distribution are shown. Head features value of China Standard head model can be queryed in this platform.

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